Pshychological Barriers in Communication

Topics: Psychology, Perception, Emotion Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Write a note on Psychological barriers to communication.

Psychological Barriers
These barriers are categorized in the way which effects the communication psychologically. In other words the psychological barriers effects the communication in three ways.


Now we will discuss the given three psychological barriers.

i) Emotional Barriers:
As we know that emotions directly effects the communication. In other words the success and failure of the communication also depends upon the emotions of a communicator. The more the emotions of a communicator are devoted to the communication, the more the more the communication would be effective and helps in achieving the goal for the specific purpose.

This rule does not only applies on the communicator, but the on the audience aswell. It depends on the audience’s response to the communication. If the emotions of the audience are attached with the communicator the communication would be successful but it goes fail in the in the opposite case. Its psychology of a man that for effective communication the two individuals must be emotionally attached, if this is not so, the communication will be ineffective so if it there is one way communication or the communication between two or more than two individuals, emotional attachment must be there to make the communication effective. Now we will have some of the examples of emotional psychological barriers.

Lets take an example of a political gathering, a politician standing and delivering his speech to the audience who support his party, now among those people there must be some people of the other political party, the people of his own party would be at high morale during his speech and become hyper at his each word, this is because they are emotionally attached to that leader, but the other hand the people of his opposing party does not give a deaf ear to his words and take them as a drama, so the communication to those...
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