Topics: Social psychology, Psychology, Sociology Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Social psychology focuses on what makes us who we are. Studies how each individual person develops their own set of feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. Understanding how people use these unique characteristics in everyday life social situations. Social psychologists try study out explain the social behavior of the human mind. In today’s time we have many social inputs on our minds. There are social influences everywhere social networking such has: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other internet sites. Television pushes masses amount of culture and social sway society. According to Daily we spend 34 hours weekly on television and 24hours month on social sites. Knowing that we must know that social psychology has changed and impacted greatly by social networking than ever before. Culture and social media have changed social psychology. Throughout our life we become a part of groups, fraction, political parties and roles. We chase for titles such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, athletics and leaders. Why do we do these things if we were never intended to want to conform to social groups? The learning concept called conditioning is a reason behind people taking up social groups. Altitude conforming. “Parents often reward children for saying and doing thing that agree with their own attitudes.” (page291) Parents are an early reason why children can be condition to like a political group, a specific religion or sports team. Has we get older are peers and the people we hang out with influences are attitude formation. For example when hanging out with a group of friends and they are talking about sports. Dissing a team such has the Atlanta Falcons and praising thing the Los Angeles Lakers. If your input is negative towards the Los Angeles Lakers and positive towards the Atlanta falcons you will be look down on. Mostly made fun of and not accept in the group. If you were to do the opposite and compliment the Los Angeles Laker and talk down the...
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