Psed Ovservation Outdoor Play

Topics: Psychology, Play, Behavior Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Date 26 november2012
Method narrative
Start time: 9 20
Finish time: - 9:30am
Adults present: 2 EYP
Permission sought from: supervisor
Child name: X
Child age 3 years 4months
Brief description of the child: The child is 3 years 4 months; he played with one of his friends at outdoor play area. Aim to observe: social and emotional behavior
It was the play time at outdoor, all children were outside playing. Child X and child C was playing riding bikes. Child C wanted child X cycle, so he went to child C and pushed him off the bike. Child C fell on the ground and started crying and asked for help .then I went to child X asked him to return the bike to child C, still he did not listened to teacher again he pushed Child C. Then the teachers asked him stop his inacceptable behavior if not child X will face the naughty corner for 5 minutes. Evaluation and assessment: Linked to EYFS 22-36 fell pride their achievements learn social skills and enjoy being with and taking to adults and the other children Use language as a powerful means of widening contacts sharing, feelings, experiences and thoughts. Theorists: B.F.Skinner(1904 -1990)

Skinner is a behaviorist. He thought that children learn because they seek the approval of important adults and peers. For this scenario to go by Skinners theory, “it is best to ignore unwanted behavior for as long as you can! Being ignored is an unpleasant experience and children tend not to want to repeat it. Look for:

The Impact of the behavior management strategies used in your setting Adult praising children;
Adults telling off children;
Children using new vocabulary in an activity.
Personal learning:
My first response was to ignore child X’s behavior than I had to get involved when he pushed child C second time and explained what he has done is wrong and unacceptable behavior, for that I put him in the designated naughty corner told him not to play with anything or anyone for 5 minutes explained further to him that he...
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