Pschology: Personality Analysis

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Personality Analysis
I took “The Big Five Personality Test,” which gives scores in the five major dimensions of human personality. They are openness to experience/intellect, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The test explained that the scores are given in percentile form and are relative to their particular sample of people, meaning the scores may come out different if compared to a different sample of people. I expected to score about average (in the middle) for openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. I expected to score high on extraversion and agreeableness. I received some interesting results.

In the first dimension, openness to experience/intellect, the test said I was in the tenth percentile. This means that I tend to be conventional, down to earth, have narrow interests, and am uncreative. I have to disagree with most of this. I believe that I am extremely creative because I work with children and have to have new ideas constantly. I also like to write poetry and short stories. My interests are broad; I like everything from reading and writing to listening to music and playing video games. I also love to cook and bake. So I believe in this area of the dimension they were wrong. However, I am very down to earth and tend to be conventional depending upon the activity. They were right in saying that I am traditional and like familiar experiences. But that is only sometimes.

The test was almost completely correct with the second dimension, conscientiousness. It says that I am neither organized nor disorganized. This dimension says high scorers tend to be reliable, well-organized, self-disciplined, and careful whereas low scorers tend to be disorganized, undependable, and negligent. My score was just over the fiftieth percentile. I agree in that I am a little of both with organization however I believe that my score should’ve been a little higher in regards to reliability and carefulness. I am extremely careful and...
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