Topics: Violence, Observational learning, Bobo doll experiment Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Outline and evaluate 2 or more theories into the formation of romantic relationships The filter theory by Kerckhoff and Davis (1962) suggests that people successfully ‘filter out’ those people who it is possible to have a relationship with (field of possibles) to those they would like a relationship (field of desirables). For a romantic relationship to be considered it has to make it through 3 filters. These are social/demographic variables where a person needs to have something in common with the other such as location to know they exist, similarity of attitudes and values where the person’s attitudes and beliefs are judged and if similar then the relationship is developed to a romantic relationship and complementarity of emotional needs where the emotional needs of one partner has to be met by the other and vice versa. The social exchange theory from Thibaut and Kelley (1959) assumes that relationship behaviour is based on individuals attempting to maximize their rewards and minimize their costs. This makes the decision on whether a relationship should be formed. Rewards could be being cared for or companionship whilst costs could be financial investment or effort. A comparison level, a standard which all present relationships are judged is formed. It is a product of our experiences in other relationships and also expectations of alternative relationships. If the profit of a new relationship exceeds the present relationship then it will be seen as attractive. Four stages are proposed in the development of a relationship: sampling (considering rewards and costs and comparing them to other relationships), bargaining (experimenting with these rewards and costs), commitment (starting to predict rewards and costs) and institutionalization (setting up rules). Kerckhoff and Davis collected data twice from both partners in relationships 7 months apart. They found high correlations for both similarity of attitudes and values and similarity of social/demographic...
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