Psalm 121

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Psalm 121, usually recited in any time of danger or potentially dangerous situations, describes the importance of attaining G-d even at the greatest of heights and to ascend to His “glorious Presence.” This can only be achieved when man forsakes his faith in earthly powers and lifts his “eyes up to the hills,” toward G-d. We should all have the strength and confidence to ascend to G-d, even at the most troubling of times. In return, G-d will “not let our foot slip” and will guard us for all eternity. It is pertinent that in our lives, we should only turn to G-d for assistance, rather than look around to earthly powers in search of help.

Although it may not make sense to not rely on our physical surrounding and what is given to us at first glance, there is a deeper meaning to the psalm. This psalm is basically a farewell blessing given to someone about to set out on a long arduous journey passing through the mountains. I believe that G-d has given us the ability to reach out to Him, and in return will reward us. Also, since G-d creating this world and has complete control over the world now, He has the power to help anyone in any situation; we just have to earn it. At times it may seem that G-d isn’t with you, He hasn’t given up on you; He remains vigilant. At times, it is difficult to turn to G-d during times of hardship or pain, but G-d is always there to help in the darkest of times. He will protect us for all of our lives, even the world to come.

In order for one to fully understand the meaning of a psalm, one must dive into its deeper meanings. As a main climbs up the mountains he asks, “From where will my help come?” According to the Bible Psalms with Jerusalem Commentary, the man asks if there is anyone that can assist and protect him from the dangers that he is going to encounter. When all else fails, he looks up to the mountains and realizes that it is G-d who will protect him. Because G-d created the earth, and continues to shape it today,...
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