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Topics: Writing, Appeal to emotion, The Cure Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Eng 101/A4A
October 20, 2011
Autism Speaks
Everyday more and more children are being diagnosed with autism. There is no known cure yet, but there are many organizations helping to fund research for the cure of Autism. The ad reveals a young girl dressing up in front of her mother with many different accessories of clothing on. Written on the ad is a comparision which is the" odds of a child becoming a fashion designer: 1 in 7,000; Odds of a child being diagnosed with autism: 1 in 110." The organization Autism Speaks is using the ad to show their audience that autism is becoming more common in children. They want people to be shocked with the actual numbers and how many kids are actually being diagnosed with autism. They are also trying to convince people to help financially so they can find a cure for the condition. The ad is effective in using all three appeals by using images to evoke emotional reactions, proving a point with statistics, and showing expertise about a certain issue. I feel that the ad does not lack any of the three appeals and they all work together to help get the point across to its audience.

Logos is the logical appeal, and it's used to prove a point using facts and statistics. The primary appeal being used in the ad is the logos appeal. It's used by showing the statistics of how many children are diagnosed with autism and comparing it to how many children become top fashion designers. The organization uses this appeal to show the audience that most likely are parents or parents of children with autism, that the number of children being diagnosed with this condition are growing. They are trying to shock the audience by showing the actual numbers and facts. For example, when I first read this ad I was suprised that 1 in 110 children have autism. It made me realize that it could have happened to my own son. Using the logos appeal is an important aspect when trying to get your audiences' attention or trying to convince them of something....
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