Ps200 Unit 3 Project

Topics: Long-term memory, Short-term memory, Working memory Pages: 3 (1280 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Memory is a very important aspect of our lives. Without memory we would have to relearn everything we do on a daily basis from eating, to brushing our teeth, to talking, to driving and so on. It would be practically impossible for us to accomplish anything! Besides our existing memories it is also important for us to be able to form new memories so that we can learn information and be productive. Michael seems to have an issue forming new memories and gaining information. He is forgetting a lot of small things such as the grocery list and in learning material such as at the conference. From the information given, though, it seems that he has a lot of stress in his life right now. He is concerned about the security of his job, upset about the fact that he may be too old to make the career change to his own practice, and because of his job he may be facing a divorce. These are all significant concerns at this point in his life. I believe that in Michael’s case there are two things going on. The first is that he is being distracted by the problems in his life and therefore unable to concentrate. The second thing that I believe is going on is that because of his distractions his mind is not able to stay in a state of directed attention and instead is frequently switching back into flowing consciousness. Directed attention is when “attention is deliberately focused on the present stimuli or inner thoughts” where flowing consciousness is a “dreamlike attention that is focused more on inward thoughts.” (Donnelan, 2011, pg 13-14) Working memory can be described with a formula “working memory = short term memory content + process for remembering (attention).” (Donnelan, 2011, pg 2) In other words, working memory is comprised of the information being input into our short term memory such as in a lecture and of our directed attention. Both of these are required because without the content in our short term memory we would have nothing to work with and...
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