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Topics: General Certificate of Secondary Education, Learning, The Economist Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Economics is a rigorous discipline to which I find myself intensely attracted. It is inspiring how the formal and analytical nature of Economics can be used to tackle such distinctly organic and complex concepts as welfare relating society; the enmeshing of mathematized "high theory" and "real world" dilemmas that Amartya Sen embraced. Furthermore, an Economics related degree would allow me to explore, in depth, a range of exciting, multidisciplinary topics as diverse as game theory, a subject only hinted at A Level and which I would love to explore in university, international trade and development studies. An eagerness to venture beyond the A Level syllabus led me to be selected for Economics at Durham University. I was also selected for Physics and Politics 'Masterclasses' due to my aptitude in these subjects.

I am currently studying on the second year of a Higher National Diploma in Business and have been elected class spokesperson by both students and lecturers. Before this I was studying accounting with AAT for 2 years and gained an AS level in accounts alongside. To be a chartered accountant is still my ambition; however I find the HND has opened my eyes to economics and other finance related subjects. I find the banking world and the stock market extremely interesting and would relish the chance to be able to speak about it on a more professional level. It never fails to amaze me how decisions made at the top levels can have effects on such a wide range of people and I would be confident to hold such great responsibility. I am glad that the HND has broadened my knowledge of an array of subjects including law and marketing, subjects for which I had little previous interest but which I understand the relevance of now.

In my younger years I gained 3 academic scholarships to The Blue Coat School, Edgbaston, The Royal Wolverhampton School and Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls. I gained a further "Bettinson Scholarship" in my final years at Blue...
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