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|Summer Training Handbook | | | |2012 | |A practical Guide to Summer Training for MBA students of Lovely Professional University | |

Vivek Chaturvedi


I am grateful to Dr Sanjay Modi, Sr Dean, Lovely Faculty of Business and Applied Arts (LFBAA), who is the inspiration behind this book, Dr Bhavana Adhikari, Associate Dean, School of Management, for her unrelenting support, Dr. Girish Taneja, Head of Department (D-1) and Dr. Sandeep Vij, , Head of Department (D-2) from School of Business, for this sagacious advice and inputs, Mr Suresh Kashyap, COS, School of Management, for being a constant source of motivation.

I am grateful to Mr Syed Tabrej, Mr Lokesh Jasrai, Mr Susanta Bose, Ms Monika Kalam and Ms Dalvinder Kaur (all faculty members at LFBAA) for contributing to this document.

I extend my gratitude to all the management teachers of yesteryears who have contributed to the pool of knowledge and have had a huge impact on curriculum of management education.

(Vivek Chaturvedi)


This book is a compendium of sample topics for summer training of MBA students. An attempt has been made to make it as comprehensive and concise as possible. The topics given herein are for the purpose of guiding the students to choose their summer training projects and can be modified as per the requirement of the company. The topics have been classified into areas of specialization for the sake of convenience and clarity. In addition to being a guide for summer training this book can also be used to peek into the job requirements of various specializations and can be used to decide on the right...

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