Prozac Nation

Topics: Seasonal affective disorder, Depression, Sadness Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: June 21, 2012
This book is about Elizabeth Wurtzel, a chronically depressed Harvard graduate detailing the seriousness of her illness. Although she states in her Epilogue that she does not know what reason exactly compelled to write this memoir, she does delineate some elements that motivated her, such as the desire for people to understand the Prozac ‘situation’ as well as citing simple reasons, such as the need to express one’s story, and her own personal need to vent out on paper when so many people, she felt, needed to know. Her descriptions in the book try to elucidate what depression really is for the depressed, and how it can truly be a debilitating illness like any other. The book can be best described, in light of this, as a case study of the average depressed person in link with prescription drugs and mental health awareness. She does this be letting the reader get to know her story, her condition, and her depressed side. As my friend said, it is like have a conversation with clinically depressed person for a few hours. (He meant this as a compliment, in defense of her literary ability.)

The book holds your attention for the first hundred pages. Then you begin to notice the pattern that will ensue for the next 200 pages. To quote from the book, page 221, “I explained my fears to Dinah, my conviction that Rafe would fade away or fall into a black hole. And she just said thinks like, This is crazy, and I had to agree with her. But I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t.” This typifies the entire reasoning of the authors own actions throughout the story. She acknowledged that she had been acting like a Bitch, and had no right to, but she just could not stop it. Additionally, she feels compelled to describe what depression is like for her over and over again, in news ways each time, as if she just cannot get across what it feels like to be depressed and hopeless (which you get a kind of sense of anyways half way through the book.)

The writing style is awful. She...
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