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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Tariq Holloway
IPC MTWR 10:25
Proxemics Assignment
While I was at the Ontario mills mall I saw a group of two females interacting with each other. I would say they were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, both Caucasian. The two of them were a fair distance as they were walking together. They walked side by side but I noticed them stop and discuss something standing face to face. It seemed as though one was relieved to hear some kind of news and gave the other a hug. This was the only touch that I saw. During the conversation that they had, their gaze was quite attentive, as it seemed it was of great importance. Other than that, they didn’t look at each other long so I would say they were good friends. A group of two males that I saw were about the same age as the above-mentioned group and were both of African American descent. They seemed to be pretty good friends as well. They walked side by side and glanced at each other occasionally while responding to a question or a subject that piqued their interest. They walked at a normal distance from each other. They very rarely touched each other. They laughed and joked around a lot.

The last dyadic relationship I saw was a male and female couple. They were roughly in their early twenties. Male was African American and the female was Hispanic. They were sitting down in the food court having a meal together and were having a conversation. They were sitting across the table from each other and touched often. I noticed them occasionally share food with each other. They were in a deep gaze, listening intently to what the other was saying. After they finished their meal, they got up and started walking together holding hands. They looked pretty happy overall.

In the end, this analysis was quite interesting because it shows the differences in interaction between females and males. You get to see all of the different tendencies of interaction depending on the combination of dyadic...
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