Providing High Quality Services

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I am the type of person that wants to provide high quality services in whatever I do. I pay attention to the customers needs and I think that making a great sale depends on how satisfied the customer is, not only by measuring how much money the company got. During the time I’ve learnt that the customer is the most important person from the company.

Even if I met nice people coming in our Travel agency, I had once a customer that came which was really rude. He was asking the same questions many times, he was speaking very loud and he was making jokes with his fellow. I stayed patient, I smiled and I asked him about the holiday that he wanted to book. I explained everything to his satisfaction.

He wanted a honey moon to fit into a budget around 2000 euro for accommodation, transfer and meals. He wanted a summer destination only for beach and swimming pool and he advised me to show some destinations like Dubrovnik, Madeira and Maldives offer.

I tried to explain him that on this budget we could not provide him Maldives or Madeira with all included but I still showed him all the offers that he wanted and explained him what he can have for 2000 eur.

I asked him if they have ever been in Antalya Turkey and I proposed him some offers from Antalya. There they had accommodation to a 5 star hotel, charter tickets, transfers, ultra all inclusive meals type and a honey moon surprise, everything for less then 2000 euro. He was very excited about location and about what offer included and he booked it.

After that, when come back, he called me to thank me, to say what a great honey moon they’ve had. Since then, two times a year he come with his wife in our office to prepaire their holidays. I helped him realize that if he has a fixed budget try to not impress with a exotic destination and to have only breakfast included. From his attitude after I felt that I did a great job with that customer.
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