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FIU Healthcare MBA Program MAN6380 – Organizational Information Systems Professor Weidong Xia

Case 1 (Providian Trust) – Analysis write-up/discussion questions (1) What key issues and challenges led to the initiation of the Access+ project? (2) What organizational changes that the company should have been made (but failed to do) before and during the project to ensure the success of the Access+ project? (3) What were the strengths and weaknesses of Providian’s approach in managing the project? (4) How would you evaluate the roles (good or bad) that the internal auditor Peter Storey played throughout the project? Do you agree with him, why and why not (if you were in his role, what would you have done differently)? Should he be fired, why and why not? (5) If you were in charge of the project, what would you do differently? What have been your experience and observations of IS projects in your organizations? If you were in charge of a healthcare IS implementation project in your organization, what would be the top three things/issue on your agenda list? These questions are intended to help you think about the key issues involved in the case and facilitate your case analysis. Please feel free to create your own questions and highlight interesting ideas that you to share with the class. Please limit your case analysis to 2 pages and name your Word file as HCMBA6380_LastName_FirstName_Providian.doc and submit it using Assignment Drop Box under “Case 1- Providian” folder before midnight on 03/14/2012.

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