Provide a List of 5 Ways You Have Been a Good Role Model and Give an Explination to Support Your List.

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Unit 3 task 1

P3.1 and P3.2

One way that I have been a good role model to the children is saying please and thank you when I have asked for something or been given something by both the staff and the children. By doing this the children learn manners as well as understanding that good manners are a way of showing their respect and politeness towards other people.

I have also used positive behaviour, such as being friendly, smiling and helpful, and practising positive behaviour in front of the children which teaches them to be kind and helpful to others. I have done this because the children copy off of adults and people who they admire or know very well, so if I am doing good positive behaviour they are more likely to copy it.

I have also been a good role model by sharing with the children. By sharing with them they learn the correct language such as please and thank you as well as actually practicing and learning to share. They also learn the process of give and take therefore more likely to take with them what they have learnt into later life. By practising the children learn and pick up on what other children would like to be given in exchange for something else, resulting in their social skills being enhanced.

Washing hands is a good way of being a role model as practitioners teach the children how to properly clean their hands e.g. wetting the hands before putting on soap and then rubbing together to make bubbles and rinsing off until the bubbles are all gone. The children also learn about the importance of cleanliness when using things such as toilets, coughing, sneezing, eating and before touching food as it prevents illnesses and diseases.

Language is another key role to being a positive role model because, children listen, hear and copy things such as new words, as well as how the sentences are formed, and different accents etc. by using the correct language around the children, it teaches them the kind ways of speaking to others. I...
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