Proud to Be Indonesian

Topics: Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesian cuisine Pages: 5 (1762 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Indonesia. What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Indonesia’? Indonesia is the one and only country in the universe that has so many islands, languages, tribes, traditional dishes, culture or should I say cultures – because the Indonesian people them selves can not count the culture that they have in Indonesia – different dialects, the variety of skin tones and so many variety that we can not count. If we ask foreigners what the first thing that pops up when they heard Indonesia is, maybe they will answer about the food, the nice people around them, awesome nature that Indonesia could ever has. But when we ask the citezen of Indonesia, they will anser with traffic jam, flood, the less orderly system of government, crimes, and the word that is so familar among Indonesian people, corruption. It is more likely an ugly truth that most of Indonesian people can not appreciate the beauty of Indonesia.

It seems so hard to appreciate our very own country, especially country like Indonesia. If we see it in political perspective, there are so many system lacking in the government system that give people bad impact such as unemployments, which also makes big impacts in environment. People who is unemployed and is having economic difficulties will be asking for money and food in the streets and traffic lights. Many slum neighbourhood will be built nearby the river, that will make Indonesia seems dirty. Also, will make number of murder and crime in Indonesia will raise because human tends to kill do something illegal to get what they want. Politicians only care about them selves without thinking of the people of Indonesia. They make them selves very rich, but the people is getting poorer and poorer every single time. What about the governer? The right answer for this question is four letters one word – same – yes, same indeed. They talk about prosperity, security, and more empty promises when they are doing their campaign. But when they are selected to enter the government, all those promises were just memories, were just slogans, were dream that will never come true. There is no such things happen when they are selected. Although we can see the KPK seems to work and it is working, under the development of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Nevertheless, is it enough? Has all the corruptor been caught up and got jailed already? The impact of corruption is pretty dominant, if you can analyze it well. The Indonesian people is complaining about the road, about the flood keep coming. It all starts with the word corruption. The cost for paying the road construction was being corrupted by the apparatus or even the constructor. Corruption seems to be in Indonesian people’s blood. Altough I believe that the ‘killing’ virus can be taken out, and all Indonesian people can be a better person.

Speak of a better person, throw all the corruption habbit is not enough, the President him self needs to be more explicit about rules and every decision he made to all his people. The President of Indonesia sometimes seems not explicit in every decision he is making, and also he is taking it too long to be made. Such a rich country that has everything a country needs needs a leader who can make a perfect decision in a perfect timing also. But we can not blame it only on the President, but also the parliament. Parliament in Indonesia is absolutely can not be trusted. How can we Indonesian people trust someone in the parliament who sleep, play games, watching videos, while in a plenary meeting. They are supposed to talk about Indonesian people’s life, how they can make our lives better, to have a better life, not only taking all our money and make them selves become richer and richer, but the people is in hunger and getting poorer. They make the parliament like a soap opera, but the difference is the one is the parliament is the no-one-is-watching one. Very bad till no one is watching them. They are talking like they know everything and...
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