Proud Moment

Topics: Girl, 2000 singles, Jump Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: February 14, 2011
Proud Moment
If I had to describe a proud moment of mine it would have to be about the summer that just recently passed. In the summer I work as a lifeguard, a serious job that isn’t always taken as serious as it should be, but when faced with danger most of the employees know what to do. Anyways, in the summer I worked as a lifeguard in the afternoons and evenings and in the morning, I would teach younger children how to swim. I was their instructor and they were my students. We had a lot of fun, and I absolutely loved teaching little kids how to do something that I love to do myself. It was hot summer day and a lot of the camp children from the local boys and girls club had just arrived. So all of the lifeguards on duty assumed their positions and conducted a swimming test for the camp kids to make sure they were capable of swimming in the deep end. Once the swim test was over we now let the public into the pool area. A good sized group arrived at the pool, the group consisted of a single lady and about 5-7 other kids. A few of the older ones in the group had been to the pool before so I knew what they were capable of doing in the water. But there was this one little girl that made her was to the deep side and I asked one of them older kids if she was able to swim in the deep end and they said yeah she was she can swim. So silly me, I believed them and continued on with my day surveying the rest of the pool. As I watched the kids climb out of the pool and go do jumps I noticed that the little girl was up next to jump. Remembering the conversation I had with the older kids, I turned to focus on something else, and the next thing I knew, the little girl was bobbing up and down, so I immediately kicked of my flip flops and jumped off of the guard chair and into the pool. I grabbed the little girl and pushed her to the wall. My adrenaline was so high, I didn’t even notice that someone had pulled her out of the water after I brought her to the side. This would...
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