Prototype Electronic Bus Ticket Using Integrated Smart Card Reader

Topics: Public transport, Smart card, Bus stop Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Prototype Electronic Bus Ticket using Integrated Smart Card Reader

1. Project Introduction

Electronic ticketing implements proper arrival and departure bays. This is for convenience of the passengers using such public transport. An electronic ticket carries the same information as a paper ticket. The major difference is an electronic ticket is located in a computer database. It is an electronic record of the traveller’s reservation containing information such as the time, date and place of the departure, seat assignment and bus travel class.

2. Project Objective

This project is for help users who are using bus express for their transportation easier to buy a ticket only by using my card. It also will help the people safety during their travel by using the bus express and with this card also have the data about the user are have in a system.

3. Project Problem Statement

This project will help the people to more easily buy a ticket. Only touch the card and also were directly pay if my card support MEPS. And can upgrade the system ticket to be a simple card, easier to keep and avoid an easy damage like a ticket.

4. Project Scope Student

In this card will save all the information about our self, journey for the bus and it will help the driver to identify who are passenger already depart and leave the bus.

5. Project Expected Outcome

With this card will help the counter know the passenger seat number, about the bus journey, bus plat number, time and date for the bus depart and leave the station. During the journey, when the bus stop at RnR all the passenger need to touch the card at the entry device.

6. Hardware / Software requirement

Hardware required:
i. ISCR ( Integrated Smart Card Reader)
ii. Driver console Panel

Software required:
i. Language C
ii. Java
iii. Database system

7. Commercialization

This product is potential for Bus Express Company
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