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1. Background of the Company
It all began in 1979 when Malaysia’s Father of Modernisation, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, mooted the idea of establishing an automotive assembling and manufacturing industry in our country. It was Tun Mahathir’s dream to accelerate Malaysia’s industrialisation capabilities to match those of developed nations. His dream became one step closer to reality when the Cabinet approved the National Car Project in 1982. The dream was fulfilled when PROTON was officially incorporated on May 7, 1983. Our very first model, the Proton Saga was commercially launched on July 9, 1985. The name “Saga” was chosen by Ismail Jaafar a retired military soldier and derived from “saga” (Adenantherapavonlna) a type of seed commonly found in Malaysia. The first new market for the Proton Saga was Singapore, right across the Straits of Johor. In 1986, barely a year after the first car was launched, celebrated the official rollout of the 10000th Proton Saga. The following year, launched the Proton Saga 1.5l saloon and Aeroback models. By then, over 50,000 units of the Proton Saga had been produced and sold in Bangladesh, Brunie, New Zealand, Malta and Sri Lanka. Soon after, PROTON cars were distributed in the United Kingdom. In 1988, PROTON debuted at the British International Motorshow, walking away successfully with three prestigious awards for quality, coachwork and ergonomics. PROTON progressed towards in-house engine operations in 1989. In quest to upgrade our technological prowess, a Transmission Assembly Plant was also set up in Shah Alam. In 1996, 1 millionth car was produced. This achievement was buoyed by several significant new model launches including the Proton Tiara, Proton Wira 2.0 Diesel and the two-door Proton Putra, in addition to existing line up of the Proton Wira, Proton Satria and Proton Perdana. In the same year, acquired a controlling stake in Group Lotus.Even as the new millennium dawned, PROTON showed no signs of slowing down. In 2000, unveiled prototype CamPro engine at the Lotus factory in Norwich, United Kingdom. The CamPro engine is aimed to show PROTON’s ability to make their own engines that produce good power output and meet newer emission standards. In 2009, PROTON EdarSdn. Bhd. and EdaranOtomobilNasionalBerhad entered into a new Master Dealership Agreement to rationalise the sales and services network of vehicles, to ensure a more efficient nationwide distribution system. In January 2010, Petronas became official sole lubricant supplier, in a 10 year agreement that covers all markets in which cars are sold. In 2008, launched the latest iteration of PROTON logo, in conjunction with the rollout of 3 millionth cars.PROTON top mark retained its diamond shape although the tiger motif and colour scheme were changed to reflect the PROTON’s new direction. To further cement successes, launched new production models including the new Saga, Waja CPS, Gen 2 CPS and the Persona Special Edition. PROTON brand is the most valuable asset for all the companies in PROTON group. It embodies a unique set of perceptions about products and services that are triggered in the minds of our public by how others judge what we do, how we behave and what we say.

1. Proton Ideology
Audacious Goal
- Driving Malaysia’s transformation into a global leader in technology and quality. Vivid Description
- Deliver innovative and superior quality products and services. PROTON brands inspire confidence and pride. Purpose
- Passionate group of people working together, creating exhilarating products and services for global markets, synonymous with great styling, innovation and leading technology.

2. Proton Core Values
Each PROTON employee practices in the Company’s shared values to guide their behaviour with each other and PROTON customers. These precious values form the foundation of how they work and conduct business as follows: Quality

- Ensure continuous quality improvements for...
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