Protesting at Military Funerals

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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46,635 Too Many
On March 3, 2006, a twenty year old marine by the name of Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder was killed in a humvee accident in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. On the day of his sons funeral Albert Snyder, Matthew Snyder’s father, was greeted at the gate with picket signs saying, “Thank God for Dead Soldiers,” “Fags Doom Nations,” “America is Doomed,” “Priests Rape Boys,” and “You’re Going to Hell.” On March 2, 2011, now 5 years later the father of this fallen Marine has been ordered by the Supreme Court to pay the legal fees in the amount of $16,510.80 to the Westboro Baptist Church, the organization responsible for the picketing at Matthew Snyder’s funeral. The Supreme Court ruled that the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest at Snyder’s funeral was not a private attack on Matthew Snyder but a matter of public concern and their actions were protected under the first amendments Freedom of Speech. This may not have been an attack on Matthew Snyder himself, but it is an attack on the Armed Forces. Westboro Baptist Church’s protests are an attack on the men and women that protect the right for them to protest at the funerals of the fallen. Matthew Snyder’s funeral was just one of over four hundred military funerals protested by Westboro Baptist Church, an independent primitive Baptist church located in Topeka, Kansas, founded by Fred Phelps in 1955. The Westboro Baptist Church is the organization responsible for the 46,635, to date, of anti-American pickets across the United States since June, 1991. The number of protests by this group has gone from 46,593 to 46,635 in two shorts weeks. That is forty-two times in fourteen days that the general public of America has been subjected to the hurtful words of this group. On their website, GodHatesFags, the Westboro Baptist Church preaches its beliefs and interpretation of the Bible. On this site, the picket schedule is also posted for anyone to see. The organization will calmly protest any military funeral...
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