Protestantism in the United States: Mainline vs. Evangelical

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Protestantism in the United States
The majority of Americans (73-76%) identify themselves as Christians and about 15-20% have no religious affiliation. Within this number 51% identifying themselves Protestant .Protestants are divided into many different denominations, which are generally classified into two groups: mainline and evangelical.

Mainline Vs. Evangelical

In typical usage, the term mainline is contrasted with evangelical. The distinction between the two can be due as much to sociopolitical attitude as theological doctrine, although doctrinal differences may exist as well.


|Family: |US%[14] |Examples: |Type: | |Baptist |25.3% |Southern Baptist Convention |Evangelical | | | |American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. |Mainline | |Pentecostal |8.9% |Assemblies of God |Evangelical | |Lutheran |5.1% |Evangelical Lutheran Church in America |Mainline Protestant | | | |Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod |Evangelical | |Presbyterian/ |3.8% |Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) |Mainline Protestant | |Reformed | | | | | | |Presbyterian Church in America |Evangelical | |Methodist |3.6% |United Methodist Church |Mainline Protestant | | | |African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church |Evangelical |

Mainline Protestantism
The mainline or...
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