Protestant Reformation

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Reaction Paper- Protestant Reformation
Protestant Reformation, first taking place in the early sixteenth century, brought about a whirlwind of change theologically, economically, and multiple other fronts. Most important was the globalization of Christianity—its transformations generated new directions of intellect beyond the sixteenth century. Works of theologians such as Martin Luther and John Calvin sparked the criticism of the authority and power of the Catholic Church as well as instilling new ideas towards individualism, predestination, and salvation.

The emergence of Protestant Reformation brought about different views of life concerning religion, administration, and education. The theological basis of question—first introduced by Martin Luther, and further developed by John Calvin—motivated and instilled the power of individual thought and self-reliance, rather than dependence on the Catholic Church. “Luther recently had come to a new understanding of salvation which held that it came through faith alone. Neither the good works of the sinner nor the sacraments of the Church had any bearing on the eternal destiny of the soul, for faith was a free gift of God, graciously granted to his needy and undeserving people” (pp. 722). The belief of Martin Luther associates that Bible teachings were to be interpreted by the individual reader’s conscience and interpretation and not the Church. Inadvertently, Luther’s actions challenged the authority of the Church and its hierarchy, provoking mass schism within the Church, and moreover, Christianity abroad. Since the fragmentation of the two major sects of Christianity—Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church—Catholicism solely controlled religious, educational, economic, and political rule throughout Europe. There was no legal alternative. As power and ignorance built up over the centuries, anyone who went against the Church was considered a heretic and killed publicly at the stake....
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