Protection of Privacy on the Internet‏

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  • Published : March 22, 2011
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The internet has given accessibility to data and communication of knowledge a different dimension in cyberspace. The outbreak of the internet was a blessing of the technological world, giving a different perspective to the world we live in and revolutionising digital media forever. It is said that every advantage has a disadvantage as well. With the existence of internet, a major issue regarding the protection of privacy has risen. With the development of hacking and phishing software, internet is no longer safe. Rather than protecting our identity, internet has restructured it, giving a new definition of privacy protection which depends on who uses it and how it is being used. Taking into account the examples of some of the major firms in the technological world, the issue of privacy protection on the internet will be addressed to. The way we communicate was completely transformed by the presence of social networking websites. Nowadays, getting in touch with people is just a click away, while sharing information in a very unique way by sharing private information, photos, videos etc over the internet. But again, it leaves the user in a fix as to what information should be shared and what should hindered and if it is shared, to what extent is it safe over the internet. One such issue to be addressed is about Facebook, a website which has taken over the social networking business by storm. It has millions of users globally, majority of them being unaware of infringement of their privacy. Apart from the basic sharing of photos and personal information, Facebook introduced integrated third party applications for gaming and advertising few years back, where users could access information without even leaving the webpage, as a result, it was a huge success and the developers made big bucks in this business. As users started using third party applications, the issue of privacy protection was raised as the developers were able to view personal information of the users...
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