Protecting Yourself with Mopp Gear

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  • Published : November 17, 2008
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220 Professor Williams English 111 11 September 2008 NBC Protection with MOPP Gear soldier in the Army has a Military Occupational Specialty which we call anMOS. My MOS is 74D (Chemical Operations Specialist). I received my training at the United States Army Chemical School located in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. When I graduated I was assigned to the 227thGeneral Supply Company in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. As the only chemical soldier in a supply company it was my job to make sure that everyone was sufficiently trained on the proper techniques and procedures of chemical safety and readiness. The most common training exercise is protecting yourself from an NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) attack. This would begin with familiarization with your equipment which today will be MOPP Gear. MOPP is short for Mission Oriented Protective Posture. The items required for this training exercise will be: M40A1 Protective Mask, JSLIST (Joint of black rubber gloves. To check for the proficiency of timing a stopwatch will be needed or a There are five different levels of MOPP, ranging from Level 0-5. MOPP Level 0 is the level of protection established when there is no general warning and the threat of NBC Warfare does not exist. At this level you are to have mask and hood in carrier on your person with the rest of your equipment readily available. MOPP Level 1 is the level of protection established when the general warning is given and the threat of NBC Warfare does exist. At this time you should be wearing your JSLIST top and bottom and the remainder of your equipment is to be carried on person. MOPP Level 2 is the level of protection needed during tactical situations that require units to cross terrain where there was previous use of a chemical agent known. The requirements at this time would be to have on your JSLIST top and bottom as well as wearing your overboots and carrying protectivemask and gloves still. The next level is MOPP Level 3 in...
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