Protecting the Scenic Beauty of Wildlife

Topics: Hunting, Plant, Extinction Pages: 6 (2140 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Protecting the Scenic Beauty of Wildlife
By Jeramy Buckman
CM220 Unit 9 Final Project 7/17/12

I want everyone to close your eyes and picture yourself in the Rocky Mountains with your children hiking up a trail to your favorite camping site next to a hidden lake. While walking down the trail you are looking around looking for animals prints to show your children. You are excited to show your children some of the beautiful wildlife that you got to see when you where their age when your parents did this for you. As you and your children are walking you start to realize that you are not really seeing any wildlife that should be very abundant in this area. You also are noticing that there are not as many wild flowers and plants that were also here. You finally realize that you will not be able to give your children the wonderful memories that you received as a child. As you may have realized that this is a problem that we are starting to see and face today. Many times animals become extinct causing changes to the scientific life cycle, environment, scenic sights, food sources and many others. This has a drastic affect not only one our habitat and environment but can and will also affect us as humans. We as people can prevent and preserve this beauty for future generations all we have to do is understand the problem and take action. We need to educate ourselves and our children of the importance of animals and how to protect them. We need to understand what happens when we introduce an exotic species to an area, about pollution, habitat destruction, over using animals, poaching, the punishment for poaching, and how we can help prevent all of this.

Every day we are rapidly losing many different plant and animal species. With this rapid decrease of these animals and plants we start to lose the beautiful sights that we grew up with, taking away those potential memories from our children and generations to come. Ten thousand scientists in the World Conservation Union stated that anywhere between 2.7 and 270 species are erased from existence every day including today. So broken down, 1 out or 4 mammals, 1 out of 8 birds, 1 out of 3 amphibians are at risk of extinction (Whitty, J. 2007). This is not the only thing that can happen though. With the loss of these species it starts to affect the plants and animals around them causing them to slowly die out. This then can end up causing more drastic effect to the environment and even us. As E.O. Wilson stated in a speech: “that if we were able to kill off all the insects that it would lead to our own extinction” (2007).

First, I want to provide a friendly recap of what many of us have learned as a child in school, and that is the food chain. The food chain basically contains four important groups. The first group of the chain is the sun. This offers energy to everything on this planet. The next group is the producers. These are things that are able to make their own food by using the energy the sun provides. Examples of these are, grass, trees, flowers, vegetables, etc. Next, we have the consumers. Consumers are any species that eats something, either plants or other animals. Finally, we have the decomposers. These are things like bacteria or fungi that take something that has died and breaks it down and produces gases like carbon and nitrogen. They then release that back into the air, soil, or water where it will be used by future producers (ThinkQuest, 2012). When an animal (such as a grizzly bear) becomes extinct this an effect not only on the food chain but the food web also. When the bear is gone it is no longer eating other plants or animals, which can then lead to them starting to over populate. Over time these plants and animals are going to start to decline because their food sources are being depleted due to the increased numbers. So as you can see even the smallest species plays an important role and affects everything around them.

There are many things that are the...
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