Protecting the Endangered Species

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Protecting the Endangered Species: Marine Awareness in
Tim Winton’s Shallows

The earth is surrounded by two-third of water in the form of oceans, lakes, rivers, seas and ponds. The oceans are blessed with an amazing diversity of marine mammals. Today, the marine mammals face threats because of man’s greed. We believe that the first creature created by the God was the whales. Whale mythologies are heard all over the world. All the mythologies portray whale as a demonic monster, but whales are the most amazing, magnificient, and intelligent creatures on the earth. They are highly social beings which live in harmony with their family for nearly 150 years. They are still mysterious to human beings. Hunting of whales causes depletion in the community of whales.

In English Literature sea creatures are exaggerated as an evil omen. In Melville’s Moby Dick, the white sperm whale is depicted as a revengeful creature. Shallows is a novel which portrays 150 years history of a whaling town Angelus. The novel was written by Timothy John Winton, an Australian writer. Tim Winton being a patron of Australian Marine conservation society strongly shows his protest against whaling in this novel. The novel is set in 1831 when whale killing was not against the law. It symbolises the culture of Makah tribes who signed a treatise with the US government in 1885 to hunt whales legally. This paper is an attempt to create awareness to proctect the endangered species.

Angelus is a fictional whaling town in Australia where land based whaling is the sustenance of life. Nathaniel coupar, an American deserter was a day-to-day whaler and seaman in Angelus in 1831, but Queenie, the last offspring of the Coupar family joined an anti- whaling protest group defying her husband, her ancestry and her community in 1978.

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