Protecting Company Image, Reputation, and Identity

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Protecting Company Reputation, Image, and Identity

Protecting Company Reputation, Image, and Identity

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Dr. Robert B. Rogow
College of Business and Technology
Eastern Kentucky University

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June 20, 2013


Students at Eastern Kentucky University students would benefit from learning how to start, maintain, and improve a company’s reputation, image, and identity. Based on findings from interviews with executives and our secondary research, a good image and reputation keeps a company in business longer. This study was authorized by Dr. Faridah Awang. The conclusion that students would benefit from a course on creating, maintaining, and improving corporate reputation is based off of primary and secondary research. They primary research was collected through interviews with 6 business executives that answered a series of questions. Analysis of the data revealed:

Reputation and Company Image:
Social media is an incredible tool when it comes to maintaining reputation. It allows companies to easily promote themselves and get feedback from their customers. Employees are also a key element in contributing to company image. Employees and Company Image

Training and previous experience allows employers to maintain a little bit of control over what type of employees they hire. Employees receive extensive and continuous training to make them the best employees they can be. Methods Used to Stand Out Against the Competition

Based on these findings and the fact that so much goes in to a company’s reputation, I think Eastern could only benefit from adding a reputation course to the curriculu Analysis of Controlling Company Reputation, Image, and Identity The analysis of Controlling Company Reputation, Image, and Identity has been grouped into: (a) Reputation and Company Image, (b) Employees and Company Image, and (c) Methods Used to Stand Out Against the Competition. Reputation and Company Image

Figure 1 shows how companies control their reputation and promote their image. Executives are very fond of social media sites. 83 percent of the business managers used social media for promotions. Employee performance is also key in maintaining reputation. The managers were split between attitude and appearance which just shows both are equally important. Figure 1

Reputation and company image
Controlling Technology:

Stay Up to Date


Controlling what employees put out there

Employee Performance:

Positive attitude about customers and product

Professional Appearance



Social Media


Community involvement and donations

Word of mouth

When it comes to controlling technology, most executives agreed it was almost impossible. But keeping their websites up to date and keeping in touch with their customers helped a lot. A small percentage of companies said they can’t control what people say about them on the web but they can control what is put out there for the customer to see. The corporate office for First Investors controls EVERYTHING that is put on to websites like LinkedIn and Facebook business sites. Anything financial representatives want to put on their business pages has to be pre-approved by the legal team at First Investors. Another way to control social media is to stop the complaint before it starts. Treat the customer right from the beginning and there will be a lesser chance for internet complaints. As social media gains popularity most businesses are jumping on board. Joining a social media site, like Facebook or Twitter, allows companies to maintain ongoing connections with their customers . Websites alone are not good enough to stay connected with current and potential customers. Social media sites allow customers to check out a business at random times...
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