Protecting America's Border from Mexico

Topics: United States, Arizona, Barack Obama Pages: 4 (1794 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Protecting America’s Border from Mexico
We have all heard the stories of how to protect our borders from the candidates at the 2008 Presidential Election but this battle has been going on a very long time before that. The question is should we seal our borders from Mexico or should we grant illegal’s amnesty? My opinion on this is that we should seal our borders from Mexico. I will tell you why I believe this but first let me tell you when this all began. When did our government start considering protecting our border from Mexico? “Under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the United States is obligated to secure our border with Mexico. More than 68 years later we still had not lived up to our treaty obligations to secure our border. It was that attack on America in 1916 that caused us to realize our borders were not safe. It was that attack on America in 1916 that started the political process to form a small band of brothers that remain today The United States Border Patrol. The function of the United States Border Patrol has been an essential element of our country's security since before our Constitution was even written. On July 4th, 1776 our Founding Fathers declared our country independent from England. It is this act that we celebrate on July 4th of every year. The twenty-seventh reason for our separation from England — as listed in our Declaration of Independence — is the King's refusal to provide the people of America with a secure border.” (US Border Patrol) How big is the border between the United States and Mexico? Well it consists of four states. California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and in these four state’s there are 48 counties that are on the border. That comes to roughly 1,969 miles of shared border between the United States and Mexico. That does seem like a lot so how bad can the Illegal aliens, human smuggling, drugs and guns be? “The actual size and the origin of the Illegal immigrant population in the United States is uncertain and...
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