Protect Traditional Architecture

Topics: House, Building, Identity Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: December 1, 2012
These days, different ways are being taken to protect cultural identity. Obviously, not only is much contribution made to maintain old houses but also rules of laws associated with cultural protection are changed for the better. Some people even say that new buildings are right to be set up in the conventionalway. I seem to be one of opponents who believe that the action can be unsuitable in our world. One of the main reasons is that most of traditional buildings, in my nation, that offer provide few rooms can hardly hard to meet the demands for housing as increasing numbers of people pour into the city. Compared to before, today’s population has doubled and even trebled, which puts seriouspressure on housing supply. As a result, new buildings must be substituted for old ones that have more efficient utility, even for some old buildings that have been damaged seriously. No doubts that building or maintaining traditional buildings is very essential to raise art sense and increase choices of people’s housing. Plus, these old houses are believed as very important resources to attract international visitors. However, the proportionof traditional houses has to be under control, and otherwise the housing of citizens is badly affected. Overall, my view is that cultural identity is so preciousthat more efforts and measures should be taken but carefully. The excellent tradition helps with deep understanding of history, and educates youths. Nevertheless a simple and recklessbehavior. that new buildings are built in a typical way does more harm than good in the improvement of people’s being.
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