Protagonist and Mi6 Training Facility

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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I decided to choose the book “Stormbreaker” because in the library there was a poster of it and it looked like a good book, it is also a movie I haven’t seen it yet though. I believe it is going to be about a teenage spy/action hero. I think I’m going to enjoy reading this book because it is an action book that seems quite exciting. The librarian said it was a popular book when I went to borrow it so I hope it is going to be as good as it sounds. I haven’t heard of the author “Anthony Horowitz” before and don’t believe I have read any of his other books.

Stormbreaker takes place in England in quite modern times. The story starts off in Liverpool Street where a funeral takes place. In Liverpool station there is a secret place that takes the main character into the “M16 Headquarters”. Later in the story the place moves to an outta part of England in the MI6 training facility. The facility is in a non-suburban area with wooden cabins, it is practically an army base. Then it moves into the country where the Stormbreaker's are being made.

Alex Rider is the main character of the story and Ian Rider's nephew, He later becomes a spy. Ian Rider is Alex's uncle and guardian, he is also a spy for MI6. Jack Starbright is a female house keeper for Ian's house, she looks after Alex when Ian is away on business. Alan Blunt is the Chief Executive of the Special Operations Division of MI6. Mrs. Jones is the head of operations at MI6. Herod Sayle, Creator of the Stormbreaker, plans to infect school children with smallpox. Felix Lester is the boy who wins the prize to test the Stormbreaker’s, Alex goes into Sayle Enterprises under his name. Wolf, Fox, Eagle, Snake are the men Alex trains with at MI6 training facility. Yessen Gregorovich is an assassin, and believed to be working with Herod Sayle. Mr.Grin is an evil man who is an employee for Sayle Enterprises.

The structure of this novel is linear structured. It begins Late one night, 14 year old Alex Rider finds out from...
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