Protagonist and Mary

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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1–2 1. What is TA-NA-E-KA?
TA-NA-E-KA is a ceremony in which all Kaw Indians have to
participate. It‛s a custom of the Kaw. These indians must
take part in it when they reach the time of the “flowering of adulthood” (eleven years old). It‛s purpose is to make great warriors, as they must survive for this period of time on their own.
1–2 2. Who are the main characters of the story?
The main character of the story is Mary, but also Roger and
their grandfather can be considered the same.
1–2 3. How long does TA-NA-E-KA last for?
Now it lasts 5 days, but it used to last for eighteen days.
1–2 4. In what season does the story take place and what’s the weather like?
The story takes place during spring and the weather, as it‛s usual during this season, is quite warm and the sun shines.
3–4 5. What did Grandfather think Mary would look like when she returned?
He thought Mary would look like Roger did when he returned,
with her eyes red and swollen, her feet full of blood and
blisters, and as if she hadn‛t eaten for a long period of time. 5–6 6. What’s the grandfather’s opinion about TA-NA-E-KA? He thinks that it is a very important ceremony that every single Kaw must take part in, and that it is the reason why they are such good warriors. He thinks it is more that a mere symbol. 7–8 7. What does the conflict between Grandfather and Mary represent? 5–6 8. How do Mary and Roger feel as the time to participate in TA-NAE- KA draws nearer?

They are both really scared and frightened, and Mary even
has nightmares about it. They both think they won‛t succeed. Student work
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Example 4: “Ta-Na-E-Ka”
7–8 9. Why did Grandfather accept how Mary had handled her TA-NAE- KA?
Because he knew that she was alert and would have passed
the test under any circumstances; and that in fact, she knew how to exist in a world that wasn‛t made for Indians.
7–8 10....
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