Prostitution Should Remain Illegal in Australia

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Prostitution should remain illegal in Australia.
By Alex Dimitrijevic

Prostitution is a dark and dangerous industry. Allowing prostitution in Australia will only expand the sex industry, have an increase in child prostitution, damage the health of the women and also be against many women’s wills. In order to prevent these negative changes from happening in our community, the Australian Government should keep prostitution illegal and possible create a stricter law to protect the women and children.

Legalising prostitution means that venues such as brothels, sex clubs and massage parlours will be available for men and young boys to attend without many restrictions. These places will be advertised and made to seem ‘okay’ because they are approved by the government, when in fact, they are nowhere near okay. They are areas where women are sold and practically rented time after time. These venues are usually located in hidden, dark areas in order to function secretly but if they were to be legalised they could potentially be near your child’s school, in your local shopping centres or even down the road to you. If you want to keep your children and community safe, prostitution should remain banned.

In the prostitution industry the most preferred workers are young pure women. This category falls under young girls usually in their early teens. The high demand of women in the industry will only increase the number of young girls forced to work in these dirty circumstances. It is rare to find young teenage girls willing to participate in selling their bodies and being used by men twice or triple their age but the industry needs them! So they will force and persuade these girls. More terrifying, they will be allowed to, simply because prostitution will be legal by the government that vowed to protect them.

Women in the sex industry will be open to sexually transmitted infections by men who demand not to use protection. A study in the US shows that 47% of...
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