Prostitution Should Not Be Legalized in Cambodia

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  • Published : September 11, 2012
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Prostitution Should Not Be Legalized in Cambodia

Prostitution is the action of providing the sexual services to the other people for money (Lauer & Lauer, 2001). There are 50% of the countries in the world legalized prostitution, 10% of the countries limited the legality, and Cambodia is one in the 40% countries that prostitution is consider as illegal (Prostitution, 2010). There are many different ideas toward legalizing prostitution. Majority of Cambodian people do not support prostitution while some people said legalizing the prostitution is beneficial than disadvantage. I think prostitution should not be legalized for five main reasons: it is not suit with law, not suit with government policy, not fair to prostitutes, increase the HIV/AIDS rate, and not suit with Khmer culture.

The first reason is that, prostitution is not complying by Cambodia law. Cambodia constitution is not support the prostitution. According to degree 46 the first paragraph states that human trafficking, prostitution, and phonogram that cause bad impact on the value of female is prohibited by law (LICADHO, 2003). Officially, all laws must be subject to the Constitutional Law of Cambodia, so Prostitution could not be legalized in Cambodia. Also, in the Law of Anti-human-trafficking and commercial on humanity says that all kind of sexual services are prohibited by law, and the person who run a business of providing the sexual service must be imprison from one year to five years, and find rank from 5 million Riels to 30 million Riels, states in Law of human trafficking and commercial activities on humanity (as cited in ADHOC, 2008). If the state wants to legalize the prostitution, it has to edit many laws that already put in to practice.

The second reason is that our government policies do not support prostitution. Royal Government of Cambodia advertises Cambodia as the place for enjoying natural and cultural tourism, but if the state legalizes prostitution; our...
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