Prostitution Legalized

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Kyrsten James James 1
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November 26 2012
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Prostitution: More than Heels, Handies, and Head
It is known as the oldest job in the world, some people consider it an occupation, and others believe it is a profanity. Prostitution does not discriminate race, color, gender, or age. In prostitution ethnicity or life experiences are not disregarded. Prostitution exists all over and is not limited to specific areas. It can be found at nightclubs or during the day at an apartment, where someone is having sex for money. Prostitution laws in the United States were developed from confused and contradictory impulses, to punish and help sex workers at the same time, reflecting our society’s uncertainty and double standards about sex, male desire and women’s sexual independence. The idea that imprisonment would be a way to “save” prostitutes seems more and more absurd and at odds with modern views of prostitution. There is a growing understanding of the right to sexual freedom that is sometimes dismissed by only one stereotype of prostitution. Legalizing prostitution would give consenting adults the right to determine how they use their bodies or spend their money without having governmental regulation. The origin of prostitution originated in the fifteenth century. Many prostitutes in this time period were banished from the community and usually labeled as a harlot. Prostitution then is very similar to how it is portrayed now. Comparing the first prostitutes to the modern prostitutes

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there are many comparisons one can make. Patty Kelly has researched many topics related to prostitution, including the history. She is a history professor at UCLA and each year has her students take a side on the legalization of prostitution. Kelly believes that prostitution has been a part of history in a variety of ways. One study that Kelly did in 2005, showed just how similar prostitutes of the fifteenth century and modern day are. The results were surprising. Out of 200 prostitutes surveyed all over America, 53% said that their families havedisowned them, and 68% have admitted that they have been raped at least once. Theseresults have ties to the start of prostitution. There are stories and accounts of prostitutesfleeing home lands because of being disowned, or even more troubling, being repeatedlyraped (Kelly). This proves that prostitution has been a form of occupation for centuries, and the mistreatment still occurs. Prostitution was illegal in the fifteenth century and still in the twenty-first century prostitution is outlawed in many different countries. If prostitution is going to keep occurring for centuries to come would it not only be right to make it legal so these girls could do their jobs in a safe environment? Prostitution will always be a form of occupation, so why not harness the benefits and turn it into a business? There are many different varieties of prostitution, all that could have their own form of establishment and making the business that much more profitable. There are many different components to prostitution that one must understand. According to Ronald Weitzer, “The sex industry of prostitution refers to the workers, managers, owners, agencies, clubs, trade associations, pimps, and marketing involved in sexual commerce, both

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legal and illegal varieties”. With all of these people involved there are different views of how the sex industry should approach their business. There are many basic forms of prostitution, each completing the same task but in slightly different ways. Brothels are establishments specifically dedicated to prostitution. This is the most common form of legalized prostitution. In brothels the prostitutes can be in a safe and familiar environment where all conditions are controlled. This is by far the safest and most prestigious form of prostitution. In escort prostitution, the act may take place at the customer's...
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