Prostitution in Nigeria

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Sheriff Y. Abdullahi
WRI 102-4
Dr. Grace Malgwi

Prostitution In Nigeria
Prostitution has been in existence right from inception. It is a business or practice of providing sexual services to other people in exchange for payment. Those that engage in this type of practice are called sex workers. It is now becoming a serious issue in Nigeria because the streets of the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) are overflowing with a teeming population of female prostitutes who come out at nights, even though an effort has been put to ban such indecent type of business. The reason behind the ban was because they constituted a nuisance, as their services added no value to the beauty of the city. The issue now is whether Prostitution should be banned in Abuja or not? I developed a very firm interest on this issue when I heard some little boys aged between thirteen and sixteen ranting about the banning of prostitutes. I also found the issue very fascinating because there was a time not long ago when I was going back home around eleven o’clock in the night and surprisingly, I saw a lot of prostitutes lined up in the streets waiting and willing to sell their bodies when a potential customer passes by; I quickly remembered the ban and wondered if the government were serious at all about banning the prostitutes. I have heard several cases raised by the senates based on bringing an end to the insincere prostitution going on the streets. Prostitutes on the streets do not influence the budget of the federal government, therefore the government has made plans towards evicting them off the streets but the enforcers are not able to do their job perfectly since there is still a very large population of prostitutes out there roaming in the streets. I think I ought to know more about the plans of the government and why there are some traces of prostitutes in the streets. I will also need to know why the issue of the ban has subsided and why the government is...
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