Topics: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Prostitution Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Prostitution is believed to be the oldest profession, has existed in every society for which the world has held numerous records. Most societies has held a belief that a woman has inborn human-capital that in a humiliating sense is entrepreneurial in nature, this is her body for the pleasure of men, for a reward of money in return. Prostitution has a different outlook from the societies in developing countries to those in advanced industrial nations. In Western nations prostitution has hold a ground of legal protection, for the parties to reach a stage of paying taxes. In Tanzania, and most of developing nations, prostitution is held as a sin, and law doesn’t recognize it. “Kiongozi” newspaper (of Tanzania, back then known as Tanganyika) in 1961, a research conducted showed that prostitution was a result of parents forcing their daughters for economic incentives. Some tribes in Tanzania, have deemed to misguide their children to run away from their marriage spouses so as to land in towns to be prostitutes to send money back home. A research in 1998 showed that there’s increasing number of children turning into prostitution in Dar es Salaam City. Moreover there are cases of young women married earlier in their lives and their marriages became a failure, turns into prostitutes for the support of their livelihood, this is particularly true as divorced women especially with children on her care do not easily get accepted for another hand in marriage.

Most prostitutes are believed to come from regions like Morogoro, Singida and Dodoma and they come as ‘house-girls’ to work at domestic servants, however most of their dreams are not realized when they realize they are abused by some members of the family or cheated by the informer who told them over the jobs thus end in streets.

Generally the poverty is the main reason of women or young ladies coming into town to seek for jobs and unlucky end up selling themselves, with majority being drop out and the family...
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