Prosperity Without Growth

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  • Published: September 25, 2012
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Business Report
Prosperity Without Growth

Author :

Michelina Janet Wiyana

Executive Summary

The aim of this report is to provide future vision and strategy for a sustainable Colourful Corporation to counter any potential issues that could arise in regards to the analysis of future prospect of sustainability (economy and environmental).

Using theoretical frameworks and available information, analysis will be provided based on these factors: • Sustainable Investment
Sustainability issue with its implication in regards to current and future investments in Colourful Corporation. • Economic Growth is Financially and Ecologically Unsustainable The danger of economic growth can lead to environmental damage and financial issue. • Prosperity and Economic Growth

Connection of the vision of prosperity and economic growth. • Conditions that Define a Sustainable Economy
The characteristic or conditions that define a sustainable economy. • Effect of Sustainable Economy to the CEO’s Governance The application of sustainability concept to corporate governance.

Based on the findings, it was concluded that:
• Sustainability is very important because all the choices we pursue and all the actions that we make today will affect everything in the future. This step has to be started from companies, so that companies can became a good role model for society, thus can lead a good brand image and improvement for the company in society’s point of view. • Economic growth is indeed financially and ecologically unsustainable, and can lead to environmental impact and financial crisis. • In world’s current state, the statement that prosperity built on continual growth is more credible. If economy experiences no growth, the number of unemployed people will increase, and can lead to financial crisis, which can create negative domino effect to every economic aspect. • The key of creating a...
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