Prospects of E-Tailing

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Case Study: The Impor tance Of M ar keting In E- Tailing

Case Study: The Importance Of Marketing In E-Tailing
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Firs t c ame the W orld W ide W eb. Then c ame e-c ommerc e, a c onc ept defined as the buy ing and s elling of goods and s ervic es on the Internet. E-c ommerc e s pawned etailing, s hort for elec tronic retailing, whic h is narrowly defined as the s elling of retail goods on the Internet. A term onc e link ed primarily to tier-one retailers , e-tailing has bec ome a major revenue s timulus for s mall to mids iz e retailers . E-tailing has gained momentum over the y ears for many reas ons . A primary reas on for this gain in momentum is the implementation and ex ec ution of high-level mark eting s trategies . To that end, a s uc c es s ful mark eting s trategy is dependent not only on c reative think ing and mark et k nowledge but als o on c utting-edge tec hnologies . Buddy Smith, c hief mark eting offic er and part owner of 9:24 Sports , k nows quite a bit about the need for high-level mark eting s trategies in an e-tailing environment. The s porting goods retailer s ells offic ial lic ens ed high s c hool, c ollegiate, and NASCAR merc handis e via its Orlando, FL loc ation and its B2C W eb s ite. Smith was fac ed with the c hallenge of finding a way to s ell s ports merc handis e online without having to s pend an ex orbitant amount of money to brand the W eb s ite. "I did not want to s pend a lot of money on Internet advertis ing when even tier-one s porting goods retailers had trouble s eeing a jus tifiable ROI," ex plains Smith. "I needed a platform that would enable us to get our gift c ards into other retail es tablis hments ." Ninety five perc ent of the retailer's online orders c ome from gift c ard redemption. Therefore, gift c ards are the retailer's primary mark eting tools . To better mark et the gift c ards , Smith...
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