Prospects for the Development of New Words in English

Topics: Oxford English Dictionary, Watergate complex, Neologism Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: May 25, 2011
Prospects for the Development of New Words in English

Thesis: the new words created during the development of society contribute to enlarge the English vocabulary and enrich the English culture.

Ⅰ、the number of new words increases quickly nowadays
1.Because of the various things existing in the world , the English vocabulary is tremendous 2.With the rapid development of science and the great change of society ,many new words have come into being .

Ⅱ、the sources of new words are various ,the ways to create new word are different.some are coined by people ,some are the old words attached new meaning . 1、A large number of new word have been coined

(1)、The appearance of new object and some new life styles make people create new words to name them (2)、In order to make communicate more conveniently and efficiently, people abbreviate the long words into new words . 2、The old words have been given a new meaning

(1) In many fields ,there are many objects and events are named with the existing words which are related to them (2) the word will been used in the similar conditions ,or a similar word been coined in the same way (3) Many new words have been absorbed from foreign languages

Ⅲ、With the development of society, there must be more and more new words being used and accepted by people ,which will be absorbed into dictionary in.

Prospects for the Development of New Words in English
Languages can be divided into two categories .one has not been used nowadays, or has been abandoned, called dead language, such as Hebrew, Old Latin; another has still been used currently, called living language, Chinese, English, Japanese, France, Germany are parts of it . All of the living languages have a common feature, which is that they can change with the time changing. As a worldwide language, English is a kind of vibrant language; it produces new words every day. Data shows that the number of new words increases quickly nowadays, English vocabulary...
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