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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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In today’s society, being a parent is not something to lightly. Just as getting married should carry with it a lot of serious thought and questioning, so should having a child. Too often, people have children for all the wrong reasons; hence, I feel that prospective parents should be required to get licenses in order to have children.

Firstly, requiring all prospective parents to get licenses before having children increases the chances for children to be raised in a proper way, in a safe environment and to be provided with sufficient funds for basic necessities and also for school. This way, the government will not have to worry about diverting any of their funds for childcare.

Furthermore, suicidal death of many children in our society now is caused by depression, which resulted from either being abused or neglected by their parents. When parents acquire licenses on a voluntary basis, it is safe to say that they are expecting children and are ready to welcome them into their lives, to care for them and to love them unconditionally. This minimises the risk of children dying unnecessarily from parental abuse or negligence.

In addition, enforcing this law could prevent a country from being overpopulated because, in a way, the number of children being born in a country would be controlled by the government. This also contributes to a country’s level of development because if a country is overpopulated, the development of the country would be negatively affected.

Lastly, licenses that parents would acquire would determine whether or not their physical conditions are suitable for procreating. Thus, it ensures that children will be born as normally as possible, without any severe diseases such as HIV/AIDS or down-syndrome; diseases that are difficult or even not possible to cure. This prevents children from being attacked by bullies for having such diseases and it minimises the sufferings they have to endure.

In conclusion, with the...
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