Prospecting and Getting the Right Start

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A. Reasons for Buying
Knowing why people buy is crucial information to have if you want to close sales, no matter what you’re selling. Review the following list of the reasons people buy and put it to use to help you close sales. * The customer wants his needs fulfilled.

* The product keeps up with the times.
* The product stays ahead of competition.
* The product is the biggest.
* The product can be applied to both large and small business needs. * The product makes the customer feel secure.
* The product is well-respected throughout its market.
* The product feeds the customer’s vanity.
* The product brings status.
* The product is appropriate for a season or event.
* The customer is compulsive.

B. How and Where to Obtain Prospects
But where do you find prospects?
* Mailing lists
* Direct mail lists
* Tradeshow lists
* Event lists
* Magazine subscription lists
* Your own newsletter subscription list
* Your in-house list of people who have contacted you
* Business cards from tradeshows
* Your contacts
* Referrals
Make a list of your prospects by category. 
A = a hot prospect that will do business real soon.
B = a prospect that will need my product or service, but is not ready yet. C = a prospect that I need to continually develop.
Work all A,B,C prospects with the objective of moving them to your ‘CUSTOMER' list. C. Method of Making Appointments
* Prepare your opening statement. This is your main sales pitch for the appointment. You should type a short script that introduces you and your company, and briefly describes why you want an appointment. * Speak in a positive tone with words that will grab the listener's attention. This is best accomplished talking about the benefits you can offer. * Ask for a meeting. You want to present various options. For example, "What day next week will be good?" Another tactic: "Will Tuesday or Thursday be best for you?" This will increase the chances of gaining agreement. D. Planning and Delivering the Sales Presentation

Basics of Sales Presentation

Unlike a TV/Radio/Paper advertisement, a sales presentation has a longer format - and is delivered in person by a salesman. Thus adding a human element to this "advertisement". A good sales presentation is therefore the one which entices the potential customer to make the buying decision. 

A successful sales presentation has two parts. Part one is Presentation Planning and Part two is the actual presentation and demonstration.  Presentation Planning 

First step in developing a sales presentation is to write out your presentation plan. Preparing a written plan requires one to think of the major selling points of your product or service. One must also think of the possible questions customer may ask. Consider the best case, worst case and most probable case, try to anticipate as much as possible. This requires lots of thinking - on what are the customer's needs, what will be the major selling point to those needs, how would the customer possibly react, what would be the questions & objections, and how you can effectively show that your product or service can meet your customer's needs. 

The best preparation in developing a sales presentation plan is to know a lot about the potential customer themselves: Who they are, what market segments do they serve, who their competition is, what are the major challenges facing them etc. 

Another important thing that must be taken into consideration while developing the sales presentation is the objective of the sales presentation. If the sales presentation is being delivered on the very first meeting, then the sales presentation must do the following:

1. Establish rapport
2. Discover needs
3. Match your product features & benefits with customer needs 4. Get commitment for the next action step.

In most...
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