Prospect Objection

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According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, objection are the reason that you have for opposing or disapproving of something, or something you say that. Objections in sales are resistance or opposition on the part of the prospect to the salesperson presentation or sharing of information or sharing of information about products or services.An objection is also a concern or a question raised by the prospect. Salesperson should do everything they can to encourage prospect to voice concerns or questions. The worst type of objection is the one the buyer refuses to disclose because a hidden objection is cannot be dealt with. Many sales have been lost because salesperson did not find out the objections or did not helpfully respond to them. Objections are usually raised when the salesperson attempts to secure an appointment, during the approach, during the presentation, when the salesperson attempts to obtain commitment and during the after-sale follow-up. What Is Objection?

Resistance or opposition on the part of the prospect to the salesperson presentation or sharing of information or sharing of information about products or services. Clarifying the Objection
Often the objections that prospect express do not really represent their underlying doubt. In some instances the prospects them selves are unclear about the nature of their objection, or perhaps they simply have not been able to verbalize doubt well enough for the salesperson to understand. When Do Prospect Objection?

* During the appointment
* During the approach
* During the presentation
* When the salesperson attempts to obtain commitment
* During the after-sale follow-up.

Prospect Raise Objection Because Of:-
* The prospects want to avoid the sales interview.
* The salesperson has failed to prospect and qualify properly. * Objecting is a matter of custom.
* The prospects resist to changes.
* The prospect fails to recognize a need.
10 Classic Excuses Customers Will Use On You
1| Denial | I don’t need this new product.I would not thing of trading in my old machine.There’s no reason for changing now. | 2| Alibi | I don’t have the money to buy.I don’t have the authority. Blaming | 3| Blaming | I want it, but my husband doesn’t like.It’s not my responsibility to make that decision.My boss doesn’t like products like that | 4| Minimizing | I don’t see what’s so great about this.This new idea won’t do us much good.There is little value to spending money on this. | 5| Justification| I would like to go ahead right now, but the budget hasn’t been approved.We do have a need, but we are too busy with our reorganization.| 6| Derogation | You don’t have a good reputation in this area.I heard that these things suffer from frequent breakdowns.| 7| Yes, but… | We’d like to buy two, but not right now.Yes, it is inexpensive, but we still can’t afford it. | 8| Helplessness | There is no way my wife would agree to that.It’s out of my hands, I can’t do this deal.| 9| I have no choice | With the many problems we’ve had in the past, I had no choice to cancel the order. I tried my best, but I had no choice but to go along with the majority | 10| Reframing reality | Our purchasing system is not unfair; we are just limiting the number of suppliers. |

Basics Point to Consider In Meeting Objection
No matter what type of objections the prospect raises, there are certain basic points to consider in meeting objections. They are; 1. Plan for objections.
Structure your presentation to minimize the disadvantage of your product. Do not discuss disadvantage unless prospect raise them in the conversation. 2. Anticipate and forestall.
It often is better to forestall or discuss objections before they arise. The sale presentation can be developed to address anticipated objections directly. 3. Handle objections as they arise.
It is best to meet objections as...
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