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Nur Syamshaera binti Mustapar


This research was implemented to improve student understanding of the true concept of the skills of observation involves the use of the five human senses which are see, hear, smell, taste and touch. The target group involved consists of 6 students from class 4 Trust from Sekolah Kebangsaan Tangok. There are two levels of students which are weak and excel students in science subjects but all are not able to master skills with a good observation. Initial data collection has been found that students who excel and weak are poor in expressing their true concept of the skills of observation. Thus, the simulation method is applied to supply the concrete situation of the student misunderstandings of the concept about this observation skills. This method is carried out in some form of sensory simulation, station simulation and intellectual session. Each step in this method has been applied to actual situations and the students can express the scientific practice during making the observations of concrete materials provided. Data collected are through pretest and posttest, observations, interviews and analysis skills of students making observations for each simulation performed. The findings show a positive performance in terms of mastery of these skills because all respondents had a very good show. While the findings from the interview, respondents had to correct their misunderstanding of these skills and gain a real understanding. Observations also showed the students have to apply the scientific value during the observation of the stimulus materials.


Kemahiran membuat pemerhatian ialah salah satu kemahiran proses sains yang paling asas. Apabila membuat pemerhatian, kanak-kanak bukan sahaja menggunakan deria mata untuk melihat. Pemerhatian yang dimaksudkan dalam kemahiran proses sains ini ialah menggunakan...

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