Prosecution Versus Defense

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Prosecution versus Defense
The role of a defense counsel and a prosecutor are alike and different in a few ways. They both are attorneys; a prosecutor's goal is to put the defendant in jail or behind bars and prove them guilty the defense counsel is doing the opposite defending the defendant. They both will work hard for their client; the prosecutor works for the state and the defense counsel works independently. One cannot hire a prosecutor but one can hire a defense attorney. They both; the prosecutor and defense counsel use evidence to prove their case. The prosecutor has a commitment to the state to see that the law is being corrected. The defense attorney has a commitment to its client to win their case and may do so by not putting the accurateness of the law first. I have seen in some cases when the two the prosecutor and defense attorney work together to come to an agreement. The agreement is for the defendant to plead guilty to the crime and the prosecutor will offer the defense counselor a deal for their client. Most of the time the deal is a good deal and the case are made short when it could be drawn out long over a period of time. Other times this deal is bad and the prosecutor along with the defense attorney took short cuts. Short cuts are lack of doing their job, or letting personal feeling s get in the way. If either the prosecutor or defense attorney think the defendant is guilty they may take this short cut and come together with a deal that does not have the defendant’s best interest at hand.
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