Pros on School Uniform in Public Schools

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Brian Richards

Pros on school uniforms in public schools.
School uniforms are a great way to maintain a level of social equality amongst students of all schools. It is said by many, that a professional uniform appearance in school children maintains and promote good discipline. Uniforms can dictate how children express themselves, which result in both positive and negative feedbacks amongst their peers. However the consequences of not wearing uniforms in school has often times proven too tragic for some students in school all over the country due to another child desire to deprived or even kill others for their belongings such has name brand clothes or shoes.

The department of education, in consultation with the department of justice, and under the direction of President Clinton has developed the manual of school uniforms. On February 24, 1996. President Clinton signed a directive to distribute this manual to the nation’s sixteen hundred public school districts. This proposal was implemented to curve the violence in schools has clothing issue was one major cause of violence in public schools. A recent national survey of 5,500 secondary school principals shows that they feel school uniforms will help eliminate violence.

This clothing appearance avoids distractions which enables children to focus and learn better. It has also been proven to be cost efficient especially among lower income families, especially in economical times like these and create a better team spirit amongst school children peers. According to reports on research in the Washington Times dated August 2008, school uniforms are cost effective has research shows that school uniforms cost significantly less than what most parents pay for unregulated school clothing. School uniforms are less expensive than other types of clothing. A student can easily be outfitted with easy-care, long-lasting uniforms for about $150.00 a year. This includes 10-12 items. The durability, reusability and...
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