Pros & Cons of Modern Technology

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Luigi IannucciEng 101
Susan Cushman Final Draft

Is Technology A Complete Benefit To Humanity?

Have cellphones, computers, and other forms of technology changed our standards of living? The progression of technology has made many aspects of our lives easier than the day of our parents, and their parents before them. Technology affects our everyday lives in various ways, although in spite of their benefits, there are many flaws within the process of artificial intellegence. However, despite these flaws, technology helps the world more then it is hurting it.

Even though we count on our digital life to help us navigate through reality, it does have a few negative effects on society. Daily life back in our parents day, involved a lot of physical activity, but now people have more leisure at hand and in the process have avoided the urge for activity and exercise. People have also become very dependant on technology to do their work for them, they rely more on machines than human intellect. One of the biggest downfalls to the rise of artificial intelligence, is that it has pushed the unemployment rate through the roof because of the new technology being faster and cheaper to maintain then the average working person. Have we ever thought that a single chip would replace an entire assembly line of workers? Technology also relies heavily upon electricity, and if we were to lose electricity and or if certain computers were to fail, society wouldn't run properly because of how it has built up to be. Even though we may be able to enjoy all the pricey luxuries technology offers, we miss out on the little priceless joys of life.

Research states that there are many effective usages for modern day technologies, ways were not even able to see. Such as the rapid development of computers and robots. Which has made manufacturing a whole lot more efficient, in time and cost of production. Computers help...
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