Pros and Cons on Money

Topics: Money, Currency, Barter Pages: 6 (2111 words) Published: February 27, 2013
All the No points
1.Money can be donated to a good cause.
2.some evil clearly nothing to do with money
3.Money is not the root of all evil. The lack of money is the root of all evil. 4.More
5.Money represents positive value
6.Money is the end product of what you did
7.Originally, Money was the solution to the problems(/inefficiencies in transactions) arising out of barter exchange system. 8.Money can't be dispensed with
9.There's no such thing as the root of evil!

This is a very sad image that has been painted of the human race. Not all people are money grabbing bankers. in fact the majority of people are good-hearted, who are prepared to give away increasingly small small amounts of spare cash to help charities. They are willing to help. You can't blame corporations and bankers for doing what they are supposed to - and that is make money and turn a profit. In all exchanges someone is selling a service and someone is buying a service. There is no rule that says you cannot make money from the transaction. What we can do though is to change the environment in which banks operate. For example laws stipulating how much profit can be made, how much of profit needs to go back to society. We can take responibility for our own destinies instead of money leading us by the nose. As we develop technologically, research and development which leads to breakthroughs in all spheres of society cost money. The companies spending that money should surely be entitled to a return on their investment. Without an incentive, there may be fall off in development.

So, instead of only a few bastards getting away with doing nothing for money, now we will have everyone doing nothing for money. Sounds great, until you realize that the resources to run that scheme will soon run out and people will be forced to create value by the motivation of fear and coercion, rather than by the desire to better their condition. This is exactly what derailed all socialist states. What would such alternatives be? In the field of Economics, they have tried to measure Gross National Happiness as opposed to GDP and it created even more problems. Only one country in the world has this as an index, due to problems of comparison between individuals' happiness levels, measuring happiness and the fact that happiness levels are so easily influenced by personal situations. The lack of any other sensible, comparable and ordinal alternative has meant that money is the only current measuring unit. What does greed got to do with money? Even without money, greed still exists.,woman,man,love.... Well, I doubt that its true though. First let us consider the point that money is of no real value. What about Gold? Gold itself is considered money. Money itself is divided into Fiat money and Commodity money. Even without fiat money(paper money), people will still be able to use commodity money. Something similar to barter trade. Does crime still exist? i bet it will. Much more than it is now if fiat money is not used. What causes poverty itself is not the lack of money. It is the mentality of the people that's saying that 'i am poor, i wont become rich, i don't need money, money is the root of all evil'. These are the mentality that causes poverty. And besides, i think u should clearly understand what "all" mean,it means nearly everything or everything.So,first of all,there's no doubt that you can not count how many evils are there in this world,that means your 90% is impossible to prove your point;and if you are right,is that also mean you agree with"there's no evil during the time when the money haven't been invented?"KIDDING! Money can be donated to a good cause.

Like it or loathe it, civilized society cannot function without money, therefore it has to stay. Money can also be used to do alot of good also. For example, millions of Britains donate money to various charities each year to help those that are less fortunate. Comic Reilef raises tens of...
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