Pros and Cons of a Military School

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  • Published : July 8, 2011
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By Jenna Brooklyn
There are many positive benefits for your teenager should they attend a military school. But, like most things in life, there can be a downside as well. Here is a report explaining what's good and bad about study in a military high school. To start with if your teen is in trouble with serious health issues or a major attitude problem, they stand little or no chance of being accepted. Military schools today set very high academic standards. They are not therapy centers for kids with problems. Two of their major goals are to produce students able to enter prestigious colleges and/or join the military. If your child is a clever but lazy student, a military school has much to offer. There is a packed academic program with compulsory and supervised homework and extra study sessions. But if your child is not strong academically they may struggle to match the high expectations. Discipline is a major part of a military environment. If your teen is lazy and disrespectful they will get a serious jolt in a military school. They will be out of bed at 0600 hours, they will make their bed and tidy their possessions, and they will be on the parade ground and exercising before breakfast. This type of lifestyle could change your teen's attitude to life. Of course a military school is a residential facility and while students are allowed to attend approved activities in the local town, things like taking a part-time job in the grocery store are simply not an option. There is a full extra-curricula program at a military school with plenty of time for artistic pursuits and outdoor education. This means your child is getting an all-round education and enjoying their schooling at the same time. Opportunities for leadership roles are many and varied in a military education. If your child requires a challenge and enjoys being a leader, they will develop their talents and be truly extended in such a school. It is ideal for developing the total person. If as a parent...
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