Pros and Cons of Work

Topics: Working time, Force, Mother Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Topic: Write an essay identifying the major issues facing working parents. Do not include our own opinion; just synthesize the information in the readings. The Many Issues Working Parents Face
Working parents may consider work to be either a blessing or a curse. Most people agree that without work there is no way to support oneself or a family. Both parents are forced to work because they want their children to experience “the good life.” However, on their road to success, working parents have to sacrifice several other things. In addition to a lack of family or leisure time, a person’s job also creates a lot of stress.

Work can be the highway to success. However, hectic schedules caused by long hours of work can lead to negative changes in one’s personal life. Marilyn Gardner talks about a cop whose work hours are messed up. She states that Mr. Fulgham “works twelve-hour shifts which rotate between days and nights” and eats breakfast when his family is normally eating lunch. He gets almost no time with his family. When he gets a chance to spend time with his family, it causes the schedule of his family to get messed up too (Gardner 235-38). De Graaf, a journalist for the New York Times, states that “(u)ntil the current recession, Americans were working some of the longest hours in the industrial world.” Long hours at work lead to lesser time with family. For example, in “My Mother, Her Career, My Questions,” Palmer has a friend whose mother hardly spent any time with her. Being a doctor and working long hours, the mother was so tired when she came back home that she had to “force herself to play” with her kids (Palmer 244). This shows how work can have a negative impact of the person’s relationships with his/her family. Even parents feel guilty about not being able to spend enough time with family. They admit that the longer they work, the lesser time they spend with their kids (Seligson). It is said that people who work longer hours are more likely to get a...
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