Pros and Cons of Team Building

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This presentation is to demonstrate the effectiveness of Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolutions. This presentation will show the following:

What makes a team effective

Pros and Cons of teaming

How different personalities can come together for a common goal

How the team builds mutual trust

How a team accomplishes their goals.

Finally, how different ideas can become a group idea.

What makes a Team Effective? Team Organization

Team organization is the first key to an effective team

A successful team is achieved when the team is organized. An organized team will have team meeting agendas, assigned roles and be considerate of team members other responsibilities.

A team meeting needs structure and organization. An agenda is a necessity for all meetings. Not having an agenda is a waste of time for all attendees. The agenda provides structure, gives a purpose, and brings a flow to the meeting. The meeting facilitator will send out the agenda before the meting and send out meeting notes after the meeting. Once the team receives the meeting invitation and agenda, each team member should being to plan for the meeting and come prepared to speak at the meeting. At each meeting the agenda should outline what the team is to work on and complete by the end of the meeting.

Along with having a team meeting agenda, assigned team roles are necessary to avoid team conflicts with having “too many chiefs.” Each team member needs to be assigned a responsibility. All members need to learn what their role is whether it is a leader or supporting team members. Everyone needs to know where they stand; without knowing can send a team to failure. Leadership roles and responsibilities needs to be rotated within the team.

Team members should be considerate of other members personal and work responsibilities regarding scheduling meetings. Not being considerate will result in time conflicts between team members. When possible, give ample time when scheduling meetings. This is a significant benefit to the team not only to have the team prepared but also to show respect for others time and schedule. This also shows respect for the team and shows that as a facilitator you have respect for everyone’s personal responsibilities.

A successful team is an organized team. It’s essential to have a team meeting agenda, assigned roles and to be considerate of other responsibilities.

Pros and Cons of teaming

Teams will always experience the pro’s and con’s known as (Team Conflicts)

To be a team leader or member one must be able to communicate, know the reason for why they are working together, and understand that the results of working in a group will all help bring a better outcome for the team as opposed as working alone as a individual. Since everyone comes in with different ideas, conflicts will occur. Having a group that want their own say in the projects will cause heads to bump. The way the outcome is determined and managed is how the team solves the situation. If good decision-making is used the team will be successful. Same thing happens if poor decision-making is applied. The team would not succeed in the purpose of their goal.

Most conflicts happened when someone tries to get their way at the expense of others. One reason this usually happens is when too many people want to be the chief. Some conflicts that arise when there are too many leaders are disagreement, jealousy, and competition. When these issues are addressed and handle the team can produce positive results. Disagreeing is one type of conflict that happens when too many people want to be leaders. Everyone wants their idea to be focused on and that their way is the only right way. Most don’t want or don’t know how to compromise. One way to fix this is to allow diversity to become a positive value by knowing all to contribute with different ideas, knowledge, and resources.

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